Family & Matrimonial

Family & Matrimonial

Facing matrimonial disputes and going through a divorce raises high emotional issues for any client. The goal of our firm is to reduce the client’s distress by handling all such matters with prudence and care, offering first-class legal advice that is effective and reliable.

From the most complex disputes to smaller and lower-value ones, every case is treated with the utmost importance and respect.

We encourage communication between the two parties and feel that confrontation and court action should be avoided when possible. Our priority is the whole family’s needs, especially when children are involved. We maintain absolute confidentiality over any matter and offer services on all aspects of family law.

Argyrou & Demosthenous LLC has the depth and breadth of experience and expertise to deal with the full range of family work.

We aim to provide the highest levels of service, emphasising accessibility, approachability, quality, and cost-effective representation.

Argyrou & Demosthenous can advise clients on all aspects of family law:

  • Pre-marital advice
  • Marriage and civil partnership procedure
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Property and other financial disputes arising from a divorce
  • Property rights
  • Cohabitation
  • Division of assets
  • Child custody proceedings and children visitation matters
  • Children’s rights
  • Child Abduction
  • Disputes over children’s schooling
  • Disputes over contact and residence
  • Changes in children’s names
  • Disputes between parents over children’s health care
  • Obtaining and enforcing protective measures for domestic violence
  • Guardianship matters
  • Paternity recognition
  • Adoption process
  • Cross-border legal advice on matrimonial property

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