Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

The banking & finance industries are heavily regulated and require strict compliance with legal rules, which are often complex due to the jargon-filled terminology.

We believe in a commercially focused, pragmatic approach to advising our banking and finance clients. Our firm considers that identifying issues early on is key to providing our clients with efficient, reliable, and practical legal advice based on astute commercial awareness.

We aim to assist our clients in understanding their rights and obligations most straightforwardly by constantly protecting their rights and position. Our clients benefit from being provided with high-quality advice concerning loan and security transactions, both contentious and non-contentious.

We advise on the following matters:

  • Property acquisition and Investment;
  • Restructuring;
  • Insolvency;
  • Assist in raising Finance;
  • Corporate Debt Management;
  • Corporate Banking;
  • Asset/Property Finance;
  • Project Finance;
  • The refinancing of existing Debts;
  • The registration of charges at the Registrar of Companies/ District Land Offices in Cyprus;
  • Negotiation and restructuring of existing Loans;
  • Drafting/Reviewing loan documentation;
  • Drafting/ Reviewing Security Documentation, Guarantees, and Indemnities;
  • Formation and incorporation of Investment Funds;
  • Assisting with the licensing of Investment Firms in Cyprus;
  • Negotiating the restructuring of Loans;
  • Corporate Lending;
  • Advising clients on potential investments in Money Markets and Capital Markets;
  • Advising on funding strategies, cash, and Liquidity Management;
  • Designing and assisting the client to implement Investment Plans and Strategies;
  • Company valuation and pricing of Investment products;
  • Representing clients to the Court on Banking or Financial issues;
  • Advising clients on Banking Law Framework applying in Cyprus;
  • Establish and manage Banking relations in Cyprus and abroad;
  • Evaluating and negotiating a loan or other financial agreements with the client’s bank, including charges;
  • Acting as a signatory on client’s bank accounts;
  • Monitoring the proper Execution of transactions by the banks;
  • Advising clients and analysing the various investment products offered by private banks;
  • Opening and Administration of bank accounts;
  • Opening of bank accounts in all Cyprus banks and foreign banks.

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