Cyprus Tax

Cyprus Tax

Cyprus is an attractive centre through which to conduct business internationally. Companies and individuals seek stable and low tax-favourable jurisdictions as part of their tax planning. With low corporate and personal tax rates, Cyprus is an attractive tax jurisdiction. Cyprus has the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe. Cyprus’s wide tax treaty network encourages cross-border investment by avoiding international double taxation.

Cyprus is considered a highly advantageous venue for international business activity by offering clients a tax-efficient system in an unbeaten location to undertake global operations. The island boasts a highly beneficial tax setting and the infrastructure to support such operations to the highest level.

Our firm is highly experienced in dealing with tax planning matters, and we offer forward-thinking and practical solutions to tax queries presented by clients. We believe in developing tax strategies for our clients which are both innovative and sophisticated in their approach. We are able to offer both domestic and international tax planning tactics for clients. We have developed an enviable portfolio of global tax connections enabling us to coordinate advice to clients across a wide range of jurisdictions.

We ensure our clients benefit from the corporate and personal tax rates available and the provisions of the numerous double taxation treaties that Cyprus has concluded with other countries. Our tax advisors guide corporate and private individuals through the Cyprus tax system, aiming to maximise benefits yet ensuring that any tax planning remains within the law.

Our legal team of Cyprus lawyers specialising in tax planning is dedicated to providing clients with practical solutions to international tax planning.

Our firm advises and assists in the following:

  • Obtaining Tax Residency Certificates (Individuals/Companies);
  • Advising on Exemptions and Incentives available for Individuals Relocating to Cyprus;
  • Ongoing Tax Compliance (Individuals/Companies);
  • Tax department Registrations (Individuals/Companies);
  • Obtaining Advance tax rulings from the Cyprus Tax Authorities;
  • Offshore Trusts;
  • Offshore Partnerships;
  • Strategic Tax Planning;
  • Trusts;
  • Restructuring groups for Tax Efficiency;
  • Application of double Tax Treaties;
  • Tax Litigation;
  • Tax Implications of Merger and Acquisitions;
  • Tax Implications of Joint Ventures;
  • Domicile;
  • Advising on Eligibility for Tax Relief;
  • Advising on new tax Incentives and Schemes;
  • Drafting and processing all necessary documents;
  • The establishment of Business and Operational substance to meet the enhanced requirements for Tax presence;
  • Advising and assisting with the Appointment of Directors (executive and non-executive);
  • Advising and assisting with the establishment of offices in Cyprus.

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