Civil Fraud and Asset Recovery

Civil Fraud and Asset Recovery

Argyrou & Demosthenous LLC has breadth and depth of expertise in civil fraud, including domestic litigation, urgent interim relief, and commercial arbitration.

We are specialists in the recovery, freezing, and tracing of assets in Cyprus and internationally, which are often hidden or concealed in connection with fraudulent activities.

We focus on fraud claims arising in commercial disputes, and we can include applications for interim relief and obtaining worldwide freezing orders by tracing assets and the recovery of assets by enforcement of judgments and orders.

Argyrou & Demosthenous LLC provides advice and representation relating to multi-jurisdictional fraud – at all levels. Our legal team has the expertise and experience to assist with practical and complex issues by providing drafting urgent pleadings, urgent advice and applications, and effective representation in court at interim hearings, domestic trials, and international commercial arbitration hearings.

Members of our team have expertise and experience in dealing with:

  • Civil Conspiracy
  • International asset tracing and recovery
  • Freezing and search order relief (including at short notice)
  • Dishonest assistance and knowing receipt
  • Jurisdictional cross border claims
  • Cyber fraud in the civil context
  • Fraud by abuse of position
  • Misfeasance in public office
  • Fraud and digital signatures
  • Civil bribery and corruption claims
  • Property and goods
    • Property fraud
    • Improper administration of estates or trusts
    • Fraud relating to art and luxury assets
    • Fraudulent acquisition of title to goods
  • Corporate and commercial
    • Corporate identity theft
    • Directors and fraud upon companies
    • Banking and financial services fraud
    • Commercial contracts and identity fraud
    • International commercial arbitrations involving allegations of fraud
    • Fraudulent trading and insolvency
    • Fraudulent or improper conduct of partnership business
    • Piercing or lifting the corporate veil where fraudulent conduct is involved

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