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The firm was established in 2001 and is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. The firm offers a full range of legal services to domestic and international clients. Our firm's aim is to provide the highest level of legal services in the most cost-effective manner with special emphasis on professionalism, confidentiality and trust. We have built our practice around the following core principles:


  • Focus. We concentrate only on the areas of expertise.
  • Service. We are dedicated to providing accessible, proactive, and client-friendly services that makes Argyrou & Demosthenous L.L.C. the "first call" for important client matters.
  • Value. The bottom line – we commit to delivering high quality legal services to our clients at a reasonable cost.


Our expertise personnel knowing how our client's businesses work and by anticipating their needs, targets on speedy and high quality legal services with an effective way to assist our clients and to achieve their objectives.

Areas of Practice
Legal Advice & Court Representation
In Argyrou & Demosthenous L.L.C. you are able to have access to legal advice and court representation in various areas of Cyprus law such as Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Company Law e.t.c.
Company Registration
Registering a Company in Cyprus

You are kindly requested to read the section on Company Law in our website in order to learn more about the advantages of registering a Company in Cyprus.



Company & Taxation
Company Registration & Taxation

Learn all the information you need in accordance with the taxation scheme which governs registered companies in Cyprus, what is the percentage of tax and what are the benefits of registering a Cyprus Company.

Legislation & Case Studies






  News & Informations

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Απαιτήσεις Τραπεζών (ΑΠΙ) εναντίον φυσικών και/ή νομικών προσώπων: Η δικηγορική εταιρεία Αργυρού & Δημοσθένους Δ.Ε.Π.Ε. προσαρμοζόμενη στις απαιτήσεις Τραπεζικών Ιδρυμάτων εναντίον φυσικών και/ή νομικών προσώπων τα οποία σύναψαν συμφωνίες για παροχή πιστωτικών διευκολύνσεων από Κυπριακά Αδειοδοτημένα Πιστωτικά Ιδρύματα (ΑΠΙ), έχει αναπτύξει με τη συνδρομή έμπειρων λογιστών μοτίβο στη βάση λογιστικών υπολογισμών το οποίο επανακαθορίζεται και προσαρμόζεται σε έκαστη περίπτωση, ώστε να υπάρχει ουσιαστική και επιτυχής υπεράσπιση των πελατών της εταιρείας μας και απομοίωση σημαντικών ποσών παράνομων και/ή καταχρηστικών χρεώσεων και/ή υπερχρεώσεων και/ή τόκων και/ή ανατοκισμών, με σημαντικό όφελος ή ακόμα και την πλήρη απόρριψη του συνόλου της χρηματικής απαίτησης εναντίον τους.  


British Virgin Island (BVI) Companies: The Law Firm now offers the formation of BVI Companies within one day. The formation includes Registered Office in BVI territory. Please use the contact form field on our website to communicate with one of our leagal advisors for further information regarding the formation of your BVI Company and the registration fees.


Supreme Court appeal: Criminal Appeals 7802, 7803, 7804 and 7805 (Fair trial - Bias of Jugde - Trial within reasonable time)


Supreme Court appeal: Criminal Appeals 7858 and 7860 (Right of public hearing - Can be limited in certain cases)


Supreme Court appeal: European arrest warrant


Supreme Court appeal: H.C.Appeal 102/2007 Muriel Beaumont v. Nikou Papakleovoulou (Neglegted Responsibility)


EU Journal:   Resolution of the Council of the European Union and the representatives of the Governments of the Member States, meeting within the Council of 17 March 2008 on the situation of persons with disabilities in the European Union.


EU Journal: Adapting Recommendation 98/376/EC on a parking card for people with disabilities, by reason of the accession of the Republic of Cyprus e.t.c (2008/205/EC).

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